Teltronic Keeps Expozaragoza 2008 running with total security


September 26, 2008: Throughout the 93-day ExpoZaragoza, Teltronics communications equipment protected over 6 million visitors with incident-free operation

The international exhibition, ExpoZaragoza, held in the capital city of Aragon, Spain, was brought to a close a few days ago. Including the participation of 103 countries, ExpoZaragoza highlighted one of the most critical topics of our time: the challenges of the conservation and sustainable management of water resources for the good of mankind, facing accelerated climate change during the 21st century.

More than 6 million people passed through the Pavilions during the 93 days that the Expo lasted; out of this total, around 150 high-level representatives from around the world attended the event according to information provided by the international fair’s president, Roque Gistau. Some 7,800 journalists covered ExpoZaragoza, which went ahead thanks to the altruistic work of 15,000 workers and volunteers.

Nowadays it is impossible to undertake an international event of such magnitude without the continuous, 100% reliable support of sophisticated IT and communications systems. These systems may not enjoy the same high profile as other symbols of the Expo such as the Water Tower, the Iceberg or the countless performances on stage, but without communications, especially considering the current climate of insecurity in which we are living, the well-being of over 100,000 people congregated in the same place at the height of the European summer could not be guaranteed.

The ExpoZaragoza 2008 organizers were fortunate enough to be able to rely on a modern TETRA communications network supplied by Teltronic, one of the clear leaders on the global stage in this sector. Fortunately, Teltronic’s main offices, where it also manufactures its high technology equipment, is just a stone’s throw away from the fair’s site at Malpica industrial park.

Teltronic supplied some 670 radios (650 hand-portables and 25 fixed terminals) to the Expo’s organizers. Throughout 3 months of operations an average of 12,000 daily communications was reached; this figure climbed to 22,000 voice and data communications on the exhibition’s opening day alone back in June. As many as 55 talk groups were created using a repeater site with 4 TETRA carriers (allowing 15 simultaneous communications) located on the impressive Water Tower. In order to ease the exchange of vital information among organizers, employees, participants, attendees, local authorities and emergency services, a permanent connection was set up with Zaragoza’s municipal TETRA network.

Teltronic’s subdirector of sales, Miguel Aladrn makes the following comment: “For us, security is the key for events of this kind. It is important to emphasize that during 93 days of operation by Teltronic’s TETRA system during the Expo, not a single failure occurred and there was not a single incident that might have caused the suspension of activities. Moreover, when the Expo is over, the system will not be withdrawn, but simply become the property of Zaragoza Local Government and Police to support the development of the area as a residential neighbourhood, business park and R+D hotspot.”

Jordi Dalmau, Head of ICT Systems at ExpoZaragoza points out that: “The choice of Teltronic was made because of the importance of having a provider from Zaragoza, able to react almost immediately in case of any incident and totally committed to the ExpoZaragoza project. At no time did the system show any signs of deficiency nor did we notice any interference with other systems which could have closed down the fair.”

Since 1974, Teltronic has designed and manufactured professional mobile radio (PMR) communications equipment and systems. Exports have grown significantly since the end of the 1990s reaching 80% of total sales activity during 2007. However, Teltronic has never forgotten that its roots are firmly in Zaragoza, Aragon and Spain in general, as its commitment to the ExpoZaragoza 2008 this summer has clearly shown; it has also consolidated its commitment to the Zaragoza Local Authority and Police, who will continue to benefit from the most advanced radio communications technology currently available on the market.

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