TELTRONIC increases its supply of TETRA terminals to the Canary Islands Government RESCAN network

The Canary Islands Government and San Cristobal de la Laguna City Council purchase TELTRONIC TETRA terminals for their professional communications needs

Last year a consortium made up of the companies TELTRONIC, TECNICAS COMPETITIVAS and SAMPOL, supplied a digital mobile radio communications network based on the TETRA standard for the Canary Islands Government Security and Emergency Services (RESCAN network) which provides coverage on all seven islands of the Archipelago.

The system is made up of 2 central nodes, over 70 base stations, a Control Centre and network management system and capacity to provide service for over 7,000 terminals spread over more than 500 communications groups. The network is designed to be shared by a large number of public organisations including autonomous, island and municipal bodies related to Security and Emergency services.

Recently, TELTRONIC, with the help of one of its partner companies in the Canary Islands, TECNICAS COMPETITIVAS, supplied over 120 fixed and mobile terminals and close to 500  TETRA hand-portable terminals (HTT-500) both to the Canary Islands Government itself which intends to distribute them across the region, as well as the San Cristobal de la Laguna City Council. This action complements the network roll-out which has been concluded and increases the supply of terminals already undertaken.

TELTRONIC is the clear market leader in the supply of TETRA networks to the Spanish autonomous regions and one of the main suppliers of TETRA terminals in the Spanish market.

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