Teltronic delivers mission critical communication system in six major airports in the Philippines

Zaragoza, April 13 2022: MacroAsia Corporation (MAC), a leading provider of aviation-related support services in the Philippines, has relied in Teltronic to deploy a TETRA communication system that services six airports in the country: Clark, Kalibo, Cebu, Davao, General Santos and the capital, Manila.

Teltronic has delivered a global communications solution that has replaced the existing DMR and Analog radio network allowing Macroasia to operate a secure, highly reliable  system with advanced capabilities for all groups operating at the airport, including the runway operations control centre, plane landing and take-off signalling, airport information service, security personnel, tow vehicles and emergency services, amongst others. It will also allow Macroasia to use advanced data-enabled applications that will greatly improve the efficiency of their daily communications.

One of the main advantages provided by the Teltronic’s NEBULA infrastructure is that it allows communications both intra and inter airports through a single system. The airports are able to manage their communications autonomously, or establishing communications between the different airports if necessary in case of emergency or in any other situation that requires wider coordination.

Teltronic’s end-to-end solution consists of a network Control Node and a state-of-the-art Network Management System that manages the overall system and that allows the monitoring in real time of all base stations regardless of their location across the country. The solution also includes world-class terminals and a CeCoCo control center that allows advanced dispatching as well as real-time GPS positioning of all subscribers at the six airports.

Josep Jonch, Asia Pacific Sales Director for Teltronic commented: “We are proud to contribute to this very significant milestone in the Philippines aviation industry: the first TETRA project in airport environments in the country. We see this as a great opportunity to show the added value that our TETRA solution can deliver in this mission-critical industry, as well as a proof of the trust of our customer Macroasia in TETRA as the right technology and in Teltronic as partner.”

About MacroAsia

MacroAsia Corporation (MAC) is one of the leading providers of aviation-related support services in the Philippines. It is currently listed with the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE). It began commercial operations as a holding company under its amended charter in 1996. Originally, the company was registered with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on February 16 1970 under the name of Infanta Mineral and Industrial Corporation, to engage in the business of geological exploration and development. On January 26, 1994, SEC approved the amendments to the Articles of Incorporation, changing its corporate name to Cobertson Holdings Corporation and its purpose to that of a holding company. In November 1995, the SEC further approved the change of its corporate name to what is now known as – MacroAsia Corporation.

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