TELTRONIC Brazil provides crucial, round-the-clock support to Rio de Janeiro Police and Special Forces

TELTRONIC Brazil provides crucial, round-the-clock support to Rio de Janeiro Police and Special Forces to restore law and order in the city following serious riots

February 1, 2011 – TELTRONIC Brazil engineers have been highly commended by Rio de Janeiro Police authorities for having collaborated with the State Telecommunications Department (DETEL-RJ) to enhance its TETRA network and provide vital support for police officers carrying out operations in the city.

During the final days of November 2010, there were serious disturbances in a number of Rio de Janeiro districts, including Vila Cruzeiro and Complexo Alemao. The situation became so severe that Police and Special Forces had to intervene decisively on November 25th. The operations lasted for several days and drew wide media coverage as the regional government and police authorities’ actions were placed in the spotlight. Fortunately the situation was brought under control and normality was restored.

As a recognized secure communications technology leader, TELTRONIC Brazil has built up a strong relationship with the Rio de Janeiro public safety authorities over a number of years. During 2007, the company installed a large city-wide TETRA network in record time for the Pan-American Games consisting of over 20 fixed and mobile sites and more than 15,000 radio terminals which were made available to multiple users – including Rio de Janeiro Civil & Military Police – to manage a sporting event where over 5,500 athletes from 42 countries participated in a number of arenas across the city without major incidents. Following the Games, TELTRONIC Brazil continued to provide secure communications to the major public safety organizations, enhancing coverage and capacity where necessary to guarantee authorities the best possible service. The 31-site TETRA network now provides 1W hand-portable coverage across the whole of the city.

Immediately following the recent outbreak of violence, a number of engineers from the Rio State Department of Telecommunications (DETEL-RJ) and TELTRONIC Brazil were called into action to set up and maintain secure communications links between the public safety and Civil Defence forces and the Special Forces troops on the ground in the conflict areas.

Over a period of days, DETEL and TELTRONIC Brazil worked tirelessly night and day programming and activating approximately 130 additional on-board radios for armoured vehicles and motorcycles for front-line and Military Police personnel; preparing and activating an additional repeater site to improve radio coverage in the conflict zones; creating a new radio link between this site and an existing one and setting up several gateways to allow communications inside the armoured vehicles. During this highly stressful period for all concerned, the above tasks were undertaken successfully and professionally, strengthening the relationship between TELTRONIC Brazil and the local authorities and proving once again the resilience and versatility of TELTRONIC’s Ethernet/IP-based NEBULA (TETRA) solution.

“The operations carried out jointly by DETEL and TELTRONIC during the recent disturbances were a total success and have led to very positive comments in the local press, ” explains Marcos Peniche, Technical Director, DETEL-RJ. “We are extremely pleased with the way TELTRONIC’s engineers worked together with us to find quick, effective solutions to a number of difficulties faced during these operations.”

“We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality TETRA solutions and continuing to offer the best possible service to our customers. We were therefore honoured to be able to participate in this critical operation to restore law and order under such difficult circumstances.” states Matheus Ribeiro, Regional Manager, TELTRONIC Brazil.

In recent years, Brazil has become synonymous with rapid economic growth and innovation which has turned it into one of the most admired economies in the world. As the country prepares itself for two major global sporting events: the 2014 FIFA World Cup and 2016 Olympics – millions of tourists will flock to its most iconic city, Rio de Janeiro and hundreds of millions more around the globe will be watching and cheering on their teams. Although less visible, TELTRONIC’s TETRA network will be working continuously in the background keeping public safety officers, the public, visitors and competitors safe.

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