Teltronic and Crosscall move forward in the integration of their solutions

Zaragoza, May 7 2024 – Teltronic, a Spanish company dedicated to the design, manufacture and deployment of communication solutions for critical sectors, and Crosscall, the French manufacturer of business-critical and mission-critical rugged mobile devices, have signed a collaboration agreement to advance the interoperability of their systems and products, and to work on the development of a joint and integrated proposal.

As a result of the agreement, Teltronic incorporates Crosscall’s range of 4G and 5G terminals and dedicated accessories ecosystem into its portfolio, thus expanding its broadband technology offer, and both companies agree to share those business opportunities in which, due to the characteristics of the project, they can work together.

The agreement is based on a broad scope, which includes the development of proofs of concept for potential customers, interoperability tests, collaboration in the design of technological roadmaps to adapt them to the technical requirements demanded by the market, and the opening of cooperation channels in the field of cybersecurity.

The aim is to combine Teltronic’s private 4G and 5G systems and MCX solution, and Crosscall’s rugged smartphones, tablets and accessories, to compose a complete and secure offer for users in demanding environments such as Public Safety and Emergency, Industry or Utilities. Thus, Teltronic has carried out several proofs of concept incorporating Crosscall devices that support band 68 in LTE, assigned for public safety use cases.

In addition, as both companies wish to expand their international presence in this type of projects, and thanks to Teltronic’s large experience with customers in such relevant markets as Mexico and Brazil, Crosscall offers all its support to jointly address mission-critical projects specifically in these two countries in the LatAm region, where it can operate through the Spanish company or its subsidiaries in the respective countries, Teltronic México and Teltronic Brasil.

“At a time when our 4G and 5G solution is well armed and has proven to be reliable and secure, this agreement allows us to continue advancing in the interoperability of our systems, while expanding our portfolio of terminals with devices whose quality is beyond doubt, as evidenced by the formidable growth experienced by Crosscall in recent years,” explains Teltronic’s Product Marketing Director, Marta Fontecha.

“Collaborating with Teltronic has been instrumental in enhancing our understanding of 4G and 5G mission critical technologies. It is a true pleasure to solidify our agreement at this time. Our ongoing partnership has successfully demonstrated interoperability, as evidenced by our recent participation in the Plugtests event. Moving forward, we are excited to further develop our capabilities in emerging markets, offering our support to Teltronic on upcoming projects. This aligns perfectly with our strategy for international expansion”, commented Denis Thayanithy, Crosscall Director Global Solutions and Partnerships.


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