Telia Sweden’s first major 5G network up and running in Stockholm

Telia Sweden has inaugurated its first major commercial 5G network in Stockholm. The network has been up and running for a number of weeks already. 15 base stations are already in place, and during July a further 60+ will be built. The 5G network will cover most of central Stockholm by Midsummer. Expansion of the network is underway in a further 12 cities including Gothenburg and Malmö, where it will be launched later this year.

Earlier generations of mobile networks have changed the world, our behavior and how we work. New innovations we never thought imaginable are today part of our everyday lives, and Telia has always been at the forefront together with strong partners such as Ericsson. Tomorrow, as Sweden’s first large scale public 5G network is inaugurated in Stockholm, we take the next big step on this journey.

“Our networks have never been more important to lives and livelihoods, than now. Telia’s 5G launch lays the foundations for the next phase of digital transformation, with innovation, sustainability and security as three critical pillars, and we are proud to be doing this launch, in partnership with Ericsson. As we roll-out 5G across Sweden, we will open up new user experiences and accelerated innovation in areas such as entertainment, healthcare, manufacturing and transport, that will collectively strengthen and protect everyone living and working in Sweden, and Swedish competitiveness in the world,” says Allison Kirkby, President and CEO of Telia Company.

“The Corona crisis has forced several countries to postpone the rollout of 5G, but in Sweden we manage to maintain the pace of development, despite the difficult situation we are in. The crisis has shown the importance of telecommunications for work and digital meetings, and here 5G will play a significant role,” says Anders Ygeman, Minister for Energy and Digital Development.

During the spring, 15 base stations have been upgraded with 5G in Stockholm, and the network is already up and running. A further 60+ are due to be completed during June in partnership with Ericsson. As a result, a significant part of Stockholm will be covered by 5G by the end of the month, including Norrmalm, Östermalm and Vasastan. Parallel to this, expansion of the network is taking place in a further 12 cities, including Gothenburg and Malmö, where it will be launched later this year.

“This is a real milestone for us as a Swedish company as we partner with Telia Company to make commercial 5G a reality for its users in Stockholm.  Whether through enhanced mobile broadband or innovative new business, societal and industrial applications, 5G is set to change life and society for the better right across Sweden. We look forward to working with our strategic partner Telia Company to drive this change and ensure Sweden benefits from the competitive benefits of digitalization”, says Börje Ekholm, President and CEO, Ericsson.

Thanks to 5G, the digital motorways are being widened and new, fresh capacity is added to the mobile network. This is essential in order to meet the ever-increasing demand for data and to enable even more advanced services on our mobile phones. By combining 4G and 5G we are also getting closer to the government’s broadband goals by delivering fast and cost-efficient internet in places where there is currently no fiber available.

The new 5G network will contribute to higher data speeds, lower latency and more efficient power consumption. Telia’s 5G network is powered by 100 percent renewable energy which has been certified by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (Naturskyddsföreningen)*. Telia’s 4G network will continue to play an important role in complementing the 5G network.

The facts – this is how it will work

5G is the next generation mobile network which will enable new possibilities for more people, as well as create completely new areas of use. Thanks to 5G, the digitalization journey that businesses, organizations and society as a whole have embarked upon will be made smoother, smarter and faster.

The journey started already in 2016, and in 2018 the country’s first 5G mast was inaugurated at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm. Since then, numerous 5G testbeds have been launched around the country, offering businesses, academia and the public sector the ability to work together to explore the many possibilities of this new technology.

Customers with the subscription Telia Mobil (private customers) or Telia Jobbmobil (business customers)**, who have 5G-ready smartphones from Telia, and are located in an area with 5G coverage will be able to connect to the new network. The first 5G-ready smartphones are already on sale, among them the Samsung Galaxy S20. An automatic software update, that will come during the summer, is required for this model to be able to connect to the network. A 5G symbol will appear on the display once the device is connected to the 5G network.

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*Telia is Sweden’s first operator to use electricity certified by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (Naturskyddsföreningens Bra Miljöval). This means that all electricity is renewable and meets certain requirements concerning the environment, climate, animals, plants and people.
**This applies to customers who subscribed to Telia Jobbmobil on or after 1 April 2020. Older subscriptions can be upgraded in order to become 5G-ready.

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