Telia Company invests in new 5G frequencies in Finland

Telia in Finland has invested in 5G frequencies in the 26 GHz band. The Ministry of Traffic and Communications in Finland has announced the results of the frequency auction started on June 8, 2020, and Telia in Finland has secured an 800 MHz frequency block on the 26 GHz band.

The new frequencies enable superfast 5G connections with gigabit speeds for both consumer and business customers. Services requiring critical connections with minimal latency in for example smart traffic and industrial areas, like ports, power plants and industrial parks can be offered on the frequencies. They help bring capacity to large events and offer an alternative for superfast broadband connections in urban areas.

Telia in Finland launched 5G services on October 9, 2019, on the lower 3.5 GHz frequency band. The company has rolled out 5G services in over ten Finnish cities.

Licenses for the 26 GHz band are valid for thirteen years starting from July 1, 2020, and the price for the new frequency blocks is EUR 7 million including the administrative fees for the auction. The payment to Traficom will be made in five installments over a five-year period.

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