Telecom CLM Seamlessly Migrates to Motorola Solutions’ Latest Critical Communication System in Castilla-La Mancha

TOLEDO, SPAIN – March 14, 2018 – When crime strikes, a building catches fire or someone’s in need of medical attention, the first responders of Castilla-La Mancha will be first on the scene. In order to help public safety agencies to be their best in these critical moments, Telecom CLM has recently transitioned to Motorola Solutions’ latest DIMETRA X Core digital radio communication infrastructure in the region of Castilla-La Mancha.

The new network is a fully scalable TETRA system, built to support mission-critical communications for public safety as well as enterprise organizations. The robust infrastructure will support Castilla-La Mancha’s critical communication needs today, whilst setting the ground for expansion in the future.

The transition from an older TETRA system, of a different provider, was recently completed in a fast and seamless process, allowing public safety users across Castilla-La Mancha’s 80,000 square km to benefit from a robust, feature-rich network overnight.

The system features an efficient software-defined core to reduce system operating costs as well as enhanced cyber security features to protect from ever-increasing threats. DIMETRA X Core is built for long-term, mission-critical communications performance for years to come.

Expanding the network, on any network

Telecom CLM’s new system in Castilla-La Mancha  includes Motorola Solutions WAVE Work Group Communications, an interoperability solution that enables extending push-to-talk communication across many platforms including: radio, broadband networks, computers, smartphones and other devices. This will interface with the main TETRA infrastructure, allowing users on different networks to connect seamlessly with voice communication and other applications.

Looking ahead at expanding the regional network, Telecom CLM will leverage the interoperability feature to connect thousands of additional critical communication users. These include: local police forces, ambulances, fire brigades, forestry agencies, factories, refineries and other customers.

Wenceslao Sanchez, general manager, Telecom CLM: “When we sought out to replace the regional radio communication network we had in mind two criteria: get the latest and greatest, and find a credible technology partner that will give us the right technology and support. With Motorola Solutions we got two added bonuses – take advantage of Motorola Solutions’ expertise in critical communications, and the ability to grow as an operator – which is a big plus on the financial side.”

Phil Jefferson, vice president Western Europe and North Africa, ‎Motorola Solutions: “We’re excited to see Telecom CLM recognize our one-stop-shop quality, cleverly leveraging it to fulfill their critical communication needs. Our close collaboration ensured a quick and seamless deployment of the new system, allowing the region to glide smoothly into a new era of smart public safety communications.”

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