Team Simoco Strengthens Credentials in TETRA Market with Acquisition of Infomatrix

25th February 2008

Data services expertise will boost Team Simoco’s presence inUK and international digital radio markets

Leading radio communications company Team Simoco has announced the acquisition of mobile solutions business Infomatrix, further extending its expertise in the TETRA sector and strengthening its position in the global radio market.

The acquisition significantly extends Team Simoco’s operational capability to provide advanced digital trunked radio to customers within the
UK and international digital radio communications markets.

Infomatrix provides an advanced range of TETRA-related products and services which enable its customers to access information quickly and securely in a mobile environment over multiple wireless networks. Customers include theUK public safety TETRA network operator, Airwave, who chose the Infomatrix[i]-SqZ productin June 2007 to support their 10-year mobile data development plan for the UK Police.

Team Simoco will retain the Infomatrix brand and develop the current range of products as a centre of mobile data excellence, supporting Infomatrix’s civil contingency customer base, whilst leveraging Team Simoco channels in commercial sectors.

Infomatrix’s advanced data compression technology will also be available as an integrated component of Team Simoco’s TETRA-G range of products creating an effective platform for data communication over a standard TETRA virtual channel at document speeds comparable to GPRS data solutions.

“Team Simoco managing director Mike Norfield said: “This acquisition re-enforces our desire to drive the digital communication debate from the front whilst the integration of our joint products will create real, tangible, data ready TETRA solutions for immediate customer deployment.”

Team Simoco and Infomatrix have already worked in close partnership on a TETRA-G deployment project carried out in association AirRadio to deliver the first UK airport digital TETRA radio service. Infomatrix provided the data services technology for the TETRA-G system demonstrating its expertise in the TETRA arena.

“Infomatrix C.O.O., Chris Jones added, “I am delighted that the Infomatrix brand will continue to stand for excellence within our markets and am convinced that the recent project with AirRadio establishes a precedent for the integration of our joint TETRA product sets”

Team Simoco’s TETRA-G technology is a fully TETRA-compliant, scalable architecture for IP-switched TETRA, with voice and data system integration and network management facilities built in. It has removed traditional scalability and cost barriers to TETRA deployment for customers deploying either single site or multisite digital radio systems, and features integrated connectivity with land-line telephony and IP network traffic, giving maximum operational flexibility.

TETRA comprises a suite of open digital trunked radio standards that allow equipment from multiple vendors to interoperate with each other. TETRA is used in a number of industry sectors including; public safety, transportation, utilities, Government, commercial & industrial and military, and has a scalable structure allowing economic network deployments ranging from single site local area coverage to multiple site wide area national coverage.

Infomatrix’ solutions integrate a variety of technology modules for the management and delivery of information services including messaging, telemetry, location and imaging, optimising Web services, SOAs and packet data transport as well as providing end-to-end high-grade security for sending restricted information over Bluetooth and public networks.

About Team Simoco

Team Simoco is one of the World’s leading radio communications specialists, providing cutting edge Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA) and Private Mobile Radio (PMR) products and services to organisations around the globe.

Based inDerby,UK, Team Simoco develops radio solutions such as PMR, TETRA and DMR and works with market leading technologies such as Bluetooth, WiFi, VoiP and DSPs. The company also runs a world-renowned service centre from its offices in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, which repairs equipment from current and previous generations of mobile radio.

Team Simoco operates in a growing range of markets around the World, including emergency services, military, public sector, utilities and transport across theUK,Europe, theMiddle East,Africa,South America and theFar East.

About Infomatrix

Infomatrix [i]-NeT architecture integrates a variety of technology modules for the management and delivery of information services including messaging, telemetry, location and imaging. Specifically :

[i]-SqZ optimises the complex application protocols of Web Services and Service Oriented Architectures (SOA), such asSOAP/XML, .NET & J2EE. [i]-SqZ is easily deployed through open interfaces into web-centric implementations. Additionally, [i]-SqZ optimises packet data transport protocols to maximise throughput.

[i]-BrJ, which allows seamless fail-over and network selection, depending on application requirements

[i]-SeC, an end-to-end security module that provides high-grade security for restricted information over Bluetooth and public networks, designed for low-bandwidth wireless with a very low data overhead.

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