Team On Mission Solution Selected by the French Ministry of the Interior

StreamWIDE today announced that it has been selected to supply the company’s mission critical Team On Mission solution to the French Ministry of the Interior (MOI) as part of the French state procurement tender of equipment and services, PCSTORM – Lot 4 “Applications and Security”. The comprehensive solution will allow the Ministry to establish broadband radio communications and deploy tactical networks via a converged platform for high speed, operationally efficient, and resilient services for all intervention units (SWAT teams).

StreamWIDE’s Team On Mission platform provides a new generation Mission Critical Push-to-Talk (MCPTT) solution over 4G LTE, with voice, video, data, and real-time tracking. It has met all of the criteria required by the MOI by proving to be the most advanced and operationally efficient platform for users and system operators.

Team On Mission allows operations in both tactical mode and network mode, and the compatibility is ensured by the highest compliance with the stringent tender requirements. Among those requirements, a clear emphasis was put on 3GPP compliance and on interoperability.

StreamWIDE already has an existing, operational and complete solution with track record. Team On Mission will be immediately implemented to support the demand for cross-unit communication during critical interventions. The units will be able to accurately coordinate all of their actions and assess critical situations in all operational phases (preparation, observation, decision, transmission, comprehension and execution), and enable the powerful unified communication across all public safety units. The platform offers a user-friendly interface and a seamless user experience with full security and encryption.

About French MOI

The Ministry of the Interior is at the heart of the French administration: it ensures, throughout the territory, the maintenance and cohesion of the country’s institutions. Its organization, its human and material resources constitute the privileged tool of the State to guarantee for citizens the exercise of the rights, duties and freedoms reaffirmed by the Constitution of the Fifth Republic. Its five essential missions now revolve around two major areas: administration of the territory and safety for people and property. For this second area, communications remain at the heart of the mission security enforcement teams accomplish. Their job requires a high level of availability and a growing need for web functionality.

About StreamWIDE

StreamWIDE is a leading communications software technology provider for telecom operators, governments and enterprises, with worldwide reach. Headquartered in Paris, with 6 subsidiaries globally, the company has been providing communications software solutions to customers worldwide for more than 15 years. Specialized in network integration and critical communications, we serve the public safety sector, operators and enterprises in over 70 countries with our own patent-protected software technology portfolio. Team On Mission is the next generation solution to address the challenges of the public safety environment (MCPTT, MC data, MC video and locations services). It enables a smooth transition from PMR to broadband. Team on the Run, available as SaaS, is business process communication total solution for enterprises with global network connectivity. StreamWIDE is a public company listed on the Euronext Growth stock exchange in Paris (ALSTW).



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