TCCA welcomes professional and critical PTT 4G expertise from new member, Spanish company Genaker

Barcelona, Spain, Monday 13 March: Professional and critical PTT (Push to Talk) Spanish company Genaker, founded by ex-employees of the Nokia R+D centre, has announced its membership of TCCA, the global representative for the critical communications industry.

Genaker develops professional and secure mobile communications services that deliver integrated voice, data and video communications over 4G networks for critical operations teams.  The company has received an innovation grant of €1.3m from the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme which is designed to implement the Innovation Union, a Europe 2020 initiative aimed at securing Europe’s global competitiveness, receiving the highest score of more than 2000 participating companies.

Genaker competes globally with industry giants and provides its solutions in 15 countries – the latest being the Philippines in collaboration with operator PLDT.

TCCA works with its member companies, standards organisations, governments and regulators worldwide to ensure a thriving and competitive market for critical communications based on open standards.

Genaker CEO Miquel Teixidor said: “Forming part of TCCA is crucial to Genaker in its strategy to grow and provide Mission Critical Push to Talk solutions globally and becoming a major player in the industry.”

“We are pleased to welcome Genaker to TCCA and look forward to their involvement in the work of the Association as we move forward with the standardisation of critical LTE technology. 4G is increasingly supporting critical users and Genaker joins a growing number of TCCA members with specialist knowledge in this area,” said Phil Kidner, TCCA CEO.

About Genaker

Genaker was founded in 2004 in Barcelona by ex-employees of the Nokia R+D centre which was closed in 2003.  It is a private and independent company that sells mobile professional and secure communications globally. Genaker is focused on bringing to market walkie talkie communications using mobile phones on 4G networks with its PTT (Push to Talk) solution for both the private and public sectors.

For more information please visit:  Twitter @genaker y LinkedIn.

About TCCA

TCCA leads the global development and promotion of standardised critical communications solutions.

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