Tamil Nadu Police in India enrols Sepura

Tamil Nadu Police in India enrols Sepura


Tamil Nadu Police has chosen Sepura TETRA radios for their secure communications requirements. The contract was made possible by Consort Digital, a major distributor for Sepura in India. The radios will operate on a TETRA infrastructure provided by DAMM.

Sepura’s GPS functionality will enable Tamil Nadu police to track the location of officers and vehicles accurately even in difficult terrains where current GPS technology is unable to provide accurate position information, such as dense urban environments with high rise buildings. GPS will also play a fundamental part in resource planning and management by allowing central control to match officers to immediate demand, particularly important in emergencies, or when specialist units are required.

Sepura’s advanced gateway will enable Tamil Nadu Police officers to communicate with the TETRA network in locations normally void of hand-portable radio coverage. This represents a vital operational advantage for a police force responsible for a vast and varied territory. In particular, Sepura gateway’s 10 Watts RF power gives this radio the greatest operational range of any TETRA terminal on the market today. It also extends the trunked network into areas of limited coverage or network dead spots as found inside buildings, deep inside tunnels or in remote rural locations.

Tamil Nadu

Satya Kommanapalli, Country Manager for Sepura, comments: “This order, the second with the Police in India after Gurgaon City Police, also follows our recent successes within the Indian transport sector. This is another significant step forward for Sepura in a region where TETRA is progressively expanding.”

The Tamil Nadu Police, founded over 150 years ago, is the fifth largest State Force Police in India with over 87,900 personnel. Headed by a Director General, Tamil Nadu Police is responsible for the maintenance of law and order and for the prevention and detection of crime in an area spanning 130,058 sq. Km. Tamil Nadu is one of India’s 28 states and lies in the southernmost part of the Indian peninsula; its capital and largest city is Chennai.

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