T-Mobile offers guaranteed mobile coverage with new Lyfo.NET solution

Den Haag – T-Mobile The Netherlands has signed a contract with Lyfo for exclusive distribution of LyfoNET in the Netherlands – a TwinSIM solution that T-Mobile B2B customers can rely on all mobile networks in the Netherlands. The services of T-Mobile are handled via the T-Mobile network, but if necessary, a direct and automatic switch is made to another alternative mobile network. This can happen, for example, in areas that are difficult to reach or during outages.

With this partnership, the always connected solution Lyfo.NET will become a permanent part of T-Mobile’s services. The additional service is an important addition for mobile users in specific target groups such as the police, ambulance and fire department. Lyfo.NET is not only available for the public sector, but also for private customers with mission-critical communication needs, such as utility, security, healthcare, logistics and automotive. T-Mobile also offers the solution for users who often operate in the less optimally covered areas of the Netherlands, such as around land borders, on open waters, or in natural areas.

All networks across the world
Thanks to Lyfo.NET, T-Mobile’s connection and services are automatically switched between all available mobile networks. A (second) SIM card with premium roaming gives access to all mobile networks in the world. While the customer’s smartphone remains primarily connected to T-Mobile’s network or to an affiliate roaming network abroad, Lyfo.NET scans all other available networks for both SIM cards. It constantly calculates the best primary and backup connection, without using much battery during the process.

Automatically a good connection
When the user’s primary connection drops below a certain agreed quality level, Lyfo.NET immediately turns on the backup connection on the smartphone and connects within 100 milliseconds to the best alternative network available at that time via the Lyfo.SIM. When needed and applicable, the connection also switches back automatically. This keeps the usage costs under control, as not all data traffic in the Netherlands is permanently controlled by roaming.

Providing guarantees
“The standard coverage and quality of the T-Mobile network is world-class, but with Lyfo.NET we can deliver and guarantee even more network coverage and quality,” says Léon Toet, CCO Business at T Mobile. “This is essential when it comes to life-threatening situations. This cooperation is so important for providing our customers, who operate precisely in these situations and depend on maximum availability of mobile services, with optimal coverage always and everywhere.”

CEO Maurits Zandbergen of Lyfo.NET is enthusiastic about the cooperation with T-Mobile. “The collaboration with T-Mobile came about because of T-Mobile’s proactive and enthusiastic attitude about our solution,” says Zandbergen. “To their credit, T-Mobile is always looking for new ways to continually improve connectivity requirements and meet innovative customer demands. We are now working together to both improve the product and insert Lyfo.NET into the T-Mobile Enterprise portfolio; so T-Mobile business customers can benefit from the addition of our service.”

For more information, and to read the new white paper, please visit https://lyfo.com/lyfo-net/


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