Syntech IFPM Tool tests TETRA for UK Ambulance Trusts

Syntech IFPM Tool tests TETRA for UK Ambulance Trusts

March 2008 – TETRA test technology provider Syntech Systems is at work on a two-year project to verify the performance of the UK Ambulance Trust areas in preparation for their coming switchover to the digital service.

To verify correct performance Syntech is using its In-Field Performance Measurement (IFPM) tool. The tool was commissioned by Airwave Solutions following an open tender process in late 2005. Syntech subsequently undertook an extensive development programme involving ‘proof of concept’ and acceptance testing at Airwave’s reference site in Rugby.

IFPM, which is designed to verity the performance of all voice and data services provided by Airwave remains in use at the reference site to investigate potential problems and faults, check system upgrades and generally improve the performance of the Tetra service delivered to Airwave customers. In the Ambulance Service it was first deployed in September 2006 on behalf of Essex Ambulance, the first trust to migrate its radio communications to Airwave.

The same equipment has also been used to measure service quality and coverage for C2000 Tetra network in the Netherlands. Several IFPM tools have been purchased through Alcatel-Lucent and supplied to the governmental organization for C2000, the Directie Mobiele Diensten (DMD).

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