Swedish Police choose Sepura as their exclusive supplier of TETRA radios

Swedish Police choose Sepura as their exclusive supplier of TETRA radios

The Swedish National Police Board has selected Sepura as the exclusive supplier of TETRA radio equipment that the Swedish Police will use on RAKEL, Sweden’s new national TETRA radio network. Sepura products will be supplied and supported via Swedish Radio Supply (SRS), Sepura’s in-country distribution partner. This decision follows the recent announcement by Swedish authorities that Sepura’s hand-held, vehicle and gateway radios were the only products to have passed the extensive public tender test procedures for the RAKEL network.

The Swedish National Police will use over 10,000 terminals in the first phases of the national rollout, starting in April 2006, when RAKEL goes live. RAKEL replaces the country’s aging analogue radio infrastructure and all of Sweden’s emergency services will migrate to it over the next two to four years.

As part of this agreement, a full package of installation, support and training services will also be delivered by Sepura and SRS.

The Swedish Police will use the Sepura SRH3800 hand-held, which incorporates the most sensitive GPS receiver on the market today. This provides accurate positioning, even in built-up locations where other GPS devices struggle, enabling the location of police officers to be tracked at all times, in particular when responding to emergency calls.

In addition, the Swedish Police have selected Sepura’s SRG3500 Mobile Gateway to provide both direct and trunked-mode communication in rural and other areas where network coverage may be unreliable, such as inside certain buildings. Users will be able to seamlessly switch between modes, allowing communications to be maintained with the control room and colleagues, regardless of the local environment.

“Sepura radios will provide the police with reliable data and voice communications in order to support their varied public safety responsibilities,” said Kenneth Hubner, Sepura’s Regional Director. “This contract marks the start of a countrywide project, as every part of the national police service in Sweden becomes TETRA-enabled.” Mr Hubner went on to add: “Close co-operation with SRS has been instrumental in ensuring that, very soon, police forces in Sweden will be using Sepura equipment. This is an outstanding achievement for both SRS and Sepura.”

Graham Matthews, Sepura’s Managing Director commented; “All at Sepura and SRS are delighted with this win. We will work closely together to make the Swedish rollout successful, as Sepura and its other partners do every day around the world, always aiming to exceed our customers’ expectations. The Swedish authorities conducted an intensive series of technical tests over a prolonged period in order to select the best products available. Indeed, these were probably the most extensive and thorough tests Sepura has seen, globally, in recent times. In parallel, a number of user committees analysed all available products. To be the sole selected supplier following such a thorough and intensive evaluation of all currently available TETRA products is a further and important validation of the breadth, quality and functionality of Sepura’s products. In addition, the overall procurement yet again demonstrates the benefits of TETRA as a multi-vendor open standard, where users can select separately the best available infrastructure and the best available terminals, benefiting from the best of both.”

Lars-Magnus Gustavsson, Key Account Manager at SRS, agreed: “The success of this contract reflects the excellent relationship between SRS and Sepura, and is testament to Sepura’s market-leading TETRA products and high standards of pre-sales support. It was the close partnership between our two companies that helped us build such a strong proposition for the Swedish National Police Board. We greatly look forward to working with Sepura in the coming months and years, on this and further projects. In the future, all RAKEL public safety users who adopt Sepura radios could also benefit from Swedish-specific terminal enhancements driven by the Police.”

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