Swedish Fire Brigade selects Sepura

Swedish Fire Brigade selects Sepura

Kalmar Fire Brigade in Sweden has selected Sepura terminals for use on RAKEL, the country’s digital radio network for public safety authorities. RAKEL is now operational across southern Sweden, replacing over 200 different analogue systems previously in use by the emergency services.

The regional fire brigade of Kalmar is the first Swedish fire and rescue service to use the RAKEL network.

Sepura’s radio terminals will be used to improve communications between fire-fighters operating in the field and to enable seamless communication with other emergency and rescue services, including the police and the ambulance services.

Kalmar Fire Brigade will utilise the Sepura SRH3800 sGPS™ hand-held radio, which incorporates a highly sensitive GPS receiver, the most consistently accurate on the TETRA market today. Precise location positioning is possible even in built up urban locations where other GPS devices struggle, enabling public safety users to be tracked at all times. The highly reliable SRH3800 sGPS™ is designed for use in the most challenging of operational environments and incorporates an emergency call feature to give users additional security.

The brigade’s vehicles will also be fitted with Sepura radios. The SRG3500 Mobile Gateway, by forming a bridge between the RAKEL network and individual hand-held radios, gives improved access to the TETRA network in areas of poor reception. Direct communication between radios will also make it easier to keep teams co-ordinated. In addition, the Gateway can provide indoor coverage in areas where there is no network coverage, meeting one of the fire brigades’ key operational needs.

“These terminals will provide Kalmar Fire Brigade with highly reliable voice and data communications to undertake their varied responsibilities,” says Hakan Aberg, Sepura’s International Business Development Manager for Scandinavia. “This is the first fire service in Sweden to become TETRA-enabled, in what is set to become a country-wide project.”

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