Swedish Coastguard selects Sepura radios

Swedish Coastguard selects Sepura radios

Sepura has been selected to provide its TETRA digital radios to the Swedish Coastguard through its partner Swedish Radio Supply AB. The Coastguard joins the Swedish Police, to whom Sepura will be sole supplier, and other prestigious Scandinavian customers announced this year, amongst them Finland’s Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority and Volvo.

The Coastguard patrols the thousands of square kilometres of sea from Haparanda in the North to Strmstad in the West. As well as their search and rescue responsibilities, the Coastguard monitors Sweden’s fishing grounds for illegal trawling, provides early warning and clean-up of oil spills, and patrols a large part of the EU’s outer border. This is made possible by 600 officers and a range of large sea-going vessels, smaller inshore boats, hovercraft, aeroplanes and land-based vehicles.

Co-ordinating such a large fleet, dispersed over an enormous area and operating in a potentially dangerous environment, is a challenging task. In order to overcome such communications difficulties, the Coastguard will use a total of 300 TETRA radios over the next five years of which Sepura will supply terminals for airborne use and gateways.

The Coastguard selected Sepura radios for their performance during airborne tests and the industry-leading gateway functionality. The Sepura SRG3500 Mobile Gateway allows crews to keep in touch even when they are in areas of little or no radio network coverage by in effect acting as a high-power mobile base station, providing communications between handsets in Direct Mode Operation as well as the standard Trunked Mode Operation.

The Sepura SRH3800 sGPS will enable the control centre to keep track of the many vehicles in operation, improving their safety, simplifying deployment and reducing response times. Sepura’s GPS receiver is the most sensitive on the market today and provides accurate positioning even where other GPS devices fail.

Kenneth Hubner, Regional Sales Director for Sepura commented,”The Swedish Coastguard is a very well-respected organisation and we are delighted to add it to our list of Swedish customers. This win recognises not only Sepura’s technical expertise, but also our long-standing commitment to understand our customers and their needs. We don’t deliver just the products, but also the service and support that they are looking for.”

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