Surge in TETRA shipments as industry marks another record-breaking year

Amsterdam, March 12 2014: TETRA technology for critical communications has seen yet another record year for shipments. Data from IHS shows that 2013 saw another increase in terminal shipments over 2012, which was already the most successful year to date in the history of the TETRA standard.

Some 600,000 new and replacement TETRA terminals shipped in 2013, and IHS sees the upward trend continuing, expecting more than 4,000,000 active terminals by 2017.

The TETRA Infrastructure market is projected to grow at 7-8 per cent over 2013. Combined with system integration, this market is projected to be worth over $700 million in 2014. Services associated with the implementation and the maintenance of TETRA infrastructure  are expected to increase for the fifth year running – forecast to be worth nearly $200 million this year.

Speaking from Critical Communications Europe, one of the TETRA industry’s key events, TCCA CEO Phil Kidner said: “TETRA is the rock-solid foundation for global critical communications. These figures show that TETRA remains unchallenged as the professionals’ technology of choice.”

“TETRA technology has yet again proved its significance in the global PMR market,” said Thomas Lynch, Associate Director, Critical Communications, IHS Technology. “Whether providing public safety officials with reliable and secure communications, or showing its effectiveness in a range of vertical markets, IHS expect yet further growth from TETRA throughout 2014, with some new and exciting projects on the horizon.”

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