Successful Live Demos of Zetron Dispatch Solutions at CCW 2013 Conference

Redmond, WA, U.S.A., June 13, 2013

Zetron, a leading provider of mission-critical solutions worldwide, successfully demonstrated several live systems at the Critical Communications World (CCW) conference in Paris, France, May 22-24, 2013. Demonstrations featured Zetron’s Advanced Communications (Acom ) system, DCS-5020 Digital Console System, MAX Dispatch, and Zetron’s AVL offering.

Acom highlighted its live connection to the Tait Communications system and its ability to interoperate with a wide variety of infrastructures, including DMR, TETRA, NEXEDGE®, SMARTNET®/SmartZone®, and Project 25 CSSI and DFSI. Acom is highly customizable and is ideal for large single-site or multi-site operations.

The DCS-5020 Digital Console System supports and integrates analogue radio, MPT 1327, NEXEDGE®, FleetSync®, iDEN®, MOTOTRBO™, and TETRA voice and data. The DCS-5020’s digital trunked TETRA interface is compatible with Motorola MTM5400, EADS/Nokia, Sepura, iDEN, NEXEDGE and MOTOTRBO.

Zetron’s MAX Dispatch received significant attention for its IP-based design, functionality and flexibility. Its innovative user interface selectively displays task-specific information and resources. It reduces screen clutter; minimizes buttons and steps, improves response times and reduces errors. MAX Dispatch also offers complete end-to-end network redundancy, keeping the system up and running even if the primary network goes down.

Zetron’s AVL demonstration addressed the needs of customers by providing AVL-initiated dispatch. It showed that vehicle location information can be provided to the system through standard 3G/4G networks or TETRA, P25 or DMR radio networks.

Also included in the Zetron booth were partner demonstrations of Eventide logging recorders, Kenwood Solutions and JVC monitors.

“The new product offerings reinforce Zetron’s commitment to public safety, transportation, utility and energy customers beyond North America,” said Zetron vice president of product management, Kathy Broadwell. “Visitors to our booth consistently commented on the cutting-edge, user-centric focus and flexibility and breadth of Zetron’s solutions, as well as our ability to integrate with key partners’ products.”

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