Successful deal: Vienna Airport works with TETRA from Hytera!

Vienna / Bad Münder, January 12, 2017 —

Vienna Airport has invested in new TETRA radio equipment from Hytera. The PMR experts from Bad Münder have now successfully put the radio system into operation.

From terminal to check-in staff, autonomous and crisis-proof radio communication is indispensable to the daily operations of a modern airport.

Vienna Airport too has invested in new equipment, with one of the key criteria for winning the contract being the integration of the systems into the existing IT landscape. Hytera Mobilfunk was able to offer this with its flexible system architecture.

After being commissioned, Vienna Airport’s new TETRA radio system was successfully put into operation at the end of May 2016.

In addition to two DIB-R5 advanced base stations, which provide the required network coverage, the package also included Hytera terminals. 40 MT680 mobile radios and 125 PT580H handheld radios now ensure the availability of staff throughout Vienna Airport.
Michael Fertig, Regional Director responsible for the system business in Germany comments “The cooperation with Vienna Airport was really very constructive and we look forward to continuing to work closely with the team on site.”

Vienna Airport
The figures confirm Vienna Airport’s success as an aviation hub in Europe. In 2015, around 22.8 million passengers were processed. In addition to good transport connections via the airport’s own train station, around 61 shops and 31 restaurants and catering outlets, Vienna offers all the other aspects of a modern airport.

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