Success in Venezuela: Police will use TETRA system from Hytera

Caracas/Bad Münder, August 20, 2014

Together with its partners, Hytera Mobilfunk GmbH is awarded the contract to outfit the police in Caracas with a TETRA mobile radio system.

Hytera Mobilfunk GmbH confirms the successful conclusion of the negotiations with the Ministerio del Poder Popular pora Relaciones Intriores (Government Procurement Office) in Venezuela. Together with its partners APD and Cobra, the next step will be the implementation phase of the project.

In the process, the latest generation of technology will be employed in Venezuela:  the DIB-R5 TETRA base stations with TEDS support (Tetra Enhanced Data Service). In addition, the order covers the complete bandwidth of the Hytera TETRA product portfolio. From the PT580H TETRA hand held mobile radio via the MT680 TETRA mobile radio up to the DIB-R5 base stations, only TETRA technology from Hytera will be used.

The TETRA system will be used by the police in Caracas. Approximately 4000 hand held and mobile radios will help to ensure that the task forces on site can completely rely on the police mobile radio system.

An important point in planning was the geographical situation of Caracas, since the city is situated in a region of Venezuela that is at an extremely high risk of earthquakes. Redundancies were integrated into the network equipment in case any base station should ever fail. This means that the DIB-R5 all have a backup base station which is placed at a different location and can take over the radio coverage of the region of a failed DIB-R5 if needed. This ensures that the system will be available at any time, even in case of unforeseeable events.

Marco Martinato, Vice President Sales Key Projects and the person in charge of the project at Hytera Mobilfunk GmbH: “After intensive negotiations, we can now start the next phase of the project. With Hytera, the Ministerio del Poder Popular pora Relaciones Intriores has a strong partner at its side, and we are looking forward to the collaboration.” 

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