STREAMWIDE brings API and SDK integration to its team on the run and team on mission application

Paris – STREAMWIDE, a global leader in mobile technology and telecommunications, has announced the launch of API and SDK integration within team on the run and team on mission to provide partners, distributors and integrators the ability to enrich their business solutions and develop their own business logic behind our software.

API Services is a STREAMWIDE solution which offers the necessary resources your developers need to create ad-hoc applications for your organization from scratch: internal tools, useful apps, simplified workflows, and more. API Services is a public API especially designed to run in parallel as a satellite project and to not affect team on the run or team on mission services in terms of functionality and/or resources. While the Android and iOS SDK, provides interfaces to all features offered by both team on the run and team on mission: Subscribers and team management, private and group conversations, PTT (Push-to-Talk), MCPTT (Mission Critical Push-to-Talk) secure channels, VoIP and video calls/streaming, emergency alerts and calls, geolocation and lone worker functionality.

API & SDK integration will allow our customers to add capabilities via 3rd party systems to meet their business needs and allow them a real-time problemsolving solution to expand how business is done. The SDK will allow organizations the ability to easily integrate into existing applications and enhance some that may miss certain functionalities such as push-to-talk, geolocation or VoIP calling.

‘‘ With the availability of our SDK and API services, we want to position ourse lves on the API market in SaaS, but also to grow our ecosystem of technological partner s , integrators, and equipment manufacturers. ’’ Lilian Gaichies – COO

Organizations can also connect team on the run’s My Business to any Internetof-Things (IoT) platform, that enables fully automated processes and workflows based on input from an unlimited number of sensors in the field. This makes our goal simple, to empower our partners, distributors and integrators to create and customize with a flexibility that can bring a remarkable competitive edge and increase revenues.

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