STREAMWIDE and ROHILL demonstrate a 3GPP IWF-based solution allowing MCPTT-LMR interconnexion

Streamwide, together with its partner Rohill, will give a practical demonstration of the interworking of Mission Critical Push-to-Talk (MCPTT) and Land Mobile Radio (LMR) based on the 3GPP Interworking Function (IWF) standard at the Critical Communications World (CCW) conference and exhibition in Vienna 21-23 June 2022.

Streamwide, market leader in mission-critical communications solutions, and Rohill, the Dutch manufacturer of TETRA communications infrastructures, will jointly demonstrate the interworking of LTE (Long Term Evolution) mission-critical communications systems with LMR (Land Mobile Radio) systems based on the new 3GPP Interworking Function (IWF) standard.

Teams from Streamwide and Rohill carried out the necessary developments allowing the two communications systems to interface in accordance with the new 3GPP-IWF standard. The first live demonstration will take place at the Critical Communications World (CCW) conference and exhibition.

While LMR communications systems have for years proved their stability and reliability, this narrow-band system was unable to meet the fast-changing operational requirements of critical environments and the increased needs of broadband data applications. Many organizations which have long used the LMR system are now seeking to upgrade their communications in order to reach new levels of functionality and enhance the security and efficiency of their missions by adding standardized mobile broadband technologies using dedicated private networks, commercial provider services or a combination of both.

In making new advanced functions available to numerous government users, above all in the field of public security, and also to other users of key vertical markets, the team on mission broadband solution allows operational tasks to be simplified and improves coordination between different teams. Given that the LMR system will continue to serve critical missions for the coming years, the new 3GPP-IWF standard will allow LTE public security systems to integrate with LMR systems allowing the users to benefit from both worlds.

Team on mission delivers a wide range of advantages and solutions to anyone running mission-critical operations and allows them to successfully meet new operational challenges. Mission Critical services and functions such as video streaming and the exchange of information data in real time greatly assists them in making appropriate tactical decisions at the right time.

Operatives in the field, for example, can use smart devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops and bodycams to support them in their work and share and receive information in real time.

Streamwide’s development of this new interworking capability using the IWF open standard as defined by the 3GPP means it is now possible to integrate Streamwide’s team on mission broadband critical communications solution with any LMR system offering IWF, in particular with Rohill’s TETRA system.

The goal of this new capability is to allow operators and users of LMR networks to take advantage of an early uptake and integration of broadband critical communications systems. This model of a hybrid network that combines narrow- and broadband networks ensures a smooth Integration of a LTE-based critical communications system that offers a wide range of advanced functions to an LMR-based system. This approach allows a public security organization to continue using an existing narrowband network (e.g. TETRA or P25) while gradually introducing mobile broadband technologies with a view to profiting from the numerous advantages and possibilities offered by this new technology that was specifically conceived to assist in meeting operational challenges.

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