Specialist telecoms training academy Wray Castle joins TCCA

Specialist telecoms training academy Wray Castle joins TCCA

Wednesday 7 December 2022 – Leading specialist telecoms training academy Wray Castle has announced its membership of TCCA, the global representative organisation for the critical communications sector. Alongside the continued strength and ongoing development of narrowband services for critical communications, mobile network operators are emerging as key players in delivering mission critical services. How this commercial technology is, or could be, utilised to enhance services for critical communications users is therefore of increasing interest to those in the critical communications sector.

Wray Castle delivers training courses across a range of telecommunication technologies with a focus on professional mobile radio covering mission critical broadband, TETRA and DMR. These courses help critical communications professionals to stay current with the latest telecoms technologies, and to make informed decisions on how to develop critical communications services and networks including the adoption of LTE and 5G cellular network technologies.

With courses designed to support government and public sector agencies, defence, transport and utility industries, Wray Castle provides global insight and expertise to share throughout the TCCA membership and the wider critical communications ecosystem.

Andrew White, Wray Castle CEO (pictured) said: “We are delighted to have joined TCCA and are eager to serve its members with a wide range of highly relevant learning and development programs, ranging from individual courses to fully structured learning pathways. Too often large infrastructure investment is not matched by investment in a sector’s talent base. We are pleased to share TCCA’s passion for life-long learning through the provision of industry best-in-class training. Digital badging, together with TCCA/Wray Castle branded diplomas and certificates all help to ensure industry-wide recognition for those that undertake the courses.”

“There is increasing pressure across our sector to respond to the changing telecoms environment while meeting demands for cost-effectiveness, security and efficiency,” said Kevin Graham, TCCA CEO. “The need for up-to-date technical skills for those involved in maintaining and developing critical communications systems and services continues to grow. We look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship with Wray Castle and extend a warm welcome to the team.”


About Wray Castle

We empower the global telecoms world by developing the specialist knowledge, skills and competencies organisations need to build, maintain, optimise and operate the cutting-edge communications networks of today and tomorrow that support national critical infrastructure. Trusted by the global telecoms industry since 1958, our telecoms training courses helped upskill over 300,000 industry professionals from over 85 countries worldwide. Our learners come from many major mobile and fixed operators, vendors, regulators, consultants, rail operators, energy suppliers and government organisations. For more information please visit https://wraycastle.com/


About TCCA

On behalf of its members TCCA supports all standard mobile critical communications technologies and complementary applications. Our members are drawn from end users, operators and industry across the globe. We believe in and promote the principle of open and competitive markets worldwide through the use of open standards and harmonised spectrum. We drive the development of common global mobile standards for critical broadband and maintain and enhance the TETRA Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) standard. TCCA is the 3GPP Market Representation Partner for critical communications and our members actively contribute in 3GPP working groups.  TCCA supports the  ETSI MCX Plugtests™, is a member of the MCS-TaaSting project, supports the Mission Critical Open Platform (MCOP) project.  To find out more, please visit https://www.tcca.info/

and https://www.critical-communications-world.com/


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