South Korea’s National Emergency Management Agency approves Sepura for all government organisations

South Korea’s National Emergency Management Agency approves Sepura for all government organisations.

The Korean National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) has approved Sepura TETRA radio terminals for use on Korea’s nationwide public safety network, which is currently entering its first phase of deployment. This decision follows an official tender and product evaluation against a stringent set of criteria. This approval enables government agencies to acquire Sepura TETRA radios directly from the Korea On-Line Electric Procurement System (KONEPS), that services all of South Korea’s public and governmental organisations.

This success was made possible by Promocom Corp., Sepura’s distributor in South Korea. After intensive assessment, Promocom was approved as the official supplier of Sepura radios to the national government network.

Mr. Sang-Yong Lee from the Installation & Commissioning team of Ansung City said “Korean government agencies chose Sepura radios for their outstanding ease of use and design. In addition, Promocom’s excellent reputation and their future plans to set up a local repair centre were also influential factors”.

The district offices of Seoul’s provinces of Yongsan and Yeongdungpo, the City Hall of Ansung and the offices of Kyunggi province have already selected Sepura’s hand-held and mobile radios via the on-line procurement system.

Kevin Graham, Regional Director for Sepura commented: “Thanks to Promocom, all Korean government agencies will have continuous access to Sepura’s portfolio of TETRA radios via KONEPS. Many of these agencies have already secured budget to roll out NEMA’s first phase and will soon be able to start procurement of TETRA terminals. Promocom and Sepura look forward to a fruitful co-operation and hope to secure a growing share of the Korean TETRA radio market. Promocom and Sepura are committed to meeting customers’ needs and will focus our future efforts on in-country post-sales service and customer support”.

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