Simoco Wireless Solutions unveils its revolutionary intelligent communications platform ‘Velocity’ at Comms Connect, which promises to bring convergence of narrowband and high speed broadband networks

Simoco Wireless Solutions was proud to sponsor the recent Comms Connect virtual conference series. Simoco is a global leader in deploying mission critical communication solutions across the World and unveiled at the conference a new exciting chapter by introducing Velocity, the next generation of products that will revolutionise mission critical networks.

Velocity offers customers best in class connectivity, smart edge computing and access to a range of communication protocols as well as enhanced features all combined into a single converged platform. Offering a truly unified communication experience, Velocity is designed to handle any critical situation and provides organisations the resilience, always on availability and quality that they expect from a mission critical business tool. It allows organisations to seamlessly roam between LMR and LTE networks using enterprise push to talk services, provides high speed Internet connectivity, offers a new radio experience on tablets and smartphones, and much more.

These solutions are designed to help companies invest into technology that is future proof and ready for the demands however they arrive. By investing in Velocity, organisations can minimise their future CAPEX, boost productivity and profitability as well as maximising operational efficiencies. Velocity is ideal for a number of industry sectors including, utilities and mining, transportation, public safety and government.

Peter Scarlata, CEO Simoco Australasia said “Velocity is a game changer in our market as we see a major shift and reliance on LTE technology. What we’re able to provide our customers is access to a multitude of technologies such as LMR, Satellite and LTE all converged into a resilient communication platform. Customers can harness the best of narrowband LMR technology and high speed broadband LTE in order to maximise operational efficiency in their business and provide a future path into LTE”.

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