Sepura’s track record in Public Transport goes from strength to strength

Sepura’s track record in Public Transport goes from strength to strength

Sepura’s TETRA radio terminals are proving a winning formula for some of the world’s leading public transport organisations. Some of Sepura’s most prestigious contracts-which include wins with SNCF in France, Russian Railways, and Lisbon Light Rail in Portugal – illustrate how its pioneering solutions are making public transport operations around the globe safer, more efficient and reliable.

“We are fast becoming the supplier of choice for operators in the public transport sector,” states Jens Thostrup, International Sales Director for Sepura. “Working in partnership with specialist system integrators, we’ve enabled highly customised operational solutions that resolve the complex communication challenges faced by modern public transport organisations.”

Mark Barnby, Product Manager for Sepura adds: “In particular, our SRM3500 mobile radio and SRG3500 gateway have proven to be the ideal solutions for systems integrators – two ETSI standard PEI ports allow two separate computer terminals to be connected at one time. Our flexible design enables systems integrators to simply transfer data via TETRA as status messages, SDS or IP packet data; in addition they can build console display emulations into their computer applications to take full control of the radio for both voice and data. Centralised control is the key to de-cluttering cramped vehicle cabs and makes it possible for integrators to build intelligent solutions”.

Sepura’s TETRA hand-held and vehicle mounted radios are being used in many transport sectors around the globe, including trams (e.g. SIA Riga in Latvia and Wurzburg in Germany), buses (e.g. Lyon SYTRAL in France and Berne in Switzerland) metro (e.g. Bangkok, Madrid, Moscow) and rail networks (e.g. Kowloon Light Rail, Hong Kong.), to deliver enhanced operational efficiency, alongside improved service, information and safety for passengers.

Meeting the needs of public transport extends beyond simply improving communications between drivers and central control teams. Thanks to the open standards interface adopted by Sepura, incorporating Sepura radios into the solutions of applications developers and systems integrators is easy. For example, the Traffic and Public Transport Authority (TPTA) in Gteborg, Sweden, uses Sepura radios on 250 buses and 203 trams to provide both real- time location information to its traffic-control centre, and to update passengers with arrival and departure information that’s made available via 140 ‘intelligent’ at-stop displays, the Internet and WAP. The TPTA also uses Sepura radios to co-ordinate its city-wide emergency services team, which includes representatives from fire, rescue and law enforcement agencies.

The powerful and exceedingly flexible features of Sepura terminals are also enabling route analysis and optimisation for organisations like Volos City Taxi in Greece and Frogne Taxi in Denmark, and powering an advanced passenger management system for Bergamo Buses in Italy.

“Sepura has proved adept at helping public transport organisations realise significant improvements in operational safety, efficiency and enhanced customer service,” Mr. Thostrup confirms. “Each application has its own unique requirements, often demanding integration with existing management systems. Working with specialist system integrators, we’ve proved our state- of-the-art communications solutions are ideal for the demanding needs of today’s public transport sector.”

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