Sepura’s TETRA radios are the solution in Austrian mountains

Sepura’s TETRA radios are the solution in Austrian mountains

24th March 2009 – Kelag, a leading energy supplier in Austria, has chosen Sepura TETRA vehicle radios to improve communications in one of the country’s most mountainous areas.

Engineers who maintain electricity and gas supplies will be using Sepura’s market-leading SRG3500 Gateway radio, which uniquely has 10 watts RF power, to enable uninterrupted communication in such difficult terrain.

The radios will substantially enhance operational efficiency, with a faster response to emergencies and a much improved service for Kelag’s customers. In addition to providing uninterrupted coverage between vehicles, each gateway radio can operate as a mini base station by extending the radio coverage for local Sepura hand-held users.

Kelag was one of the first European users of Sepura TETRA hand-held radios, and this latest sales win was secured by Zehetner-Elektronik, a new partner of Sepura in Austria.

Kelag serves a population of over half a million in the Carinthia region of southern Austria where the highest mountain is almost 3,800m metres high. The company is a prominent user of renewable energy.

Klaus Zehetner, Chief Executive of Zehetner-Elektronik, said: “The introduction of this Sepura radio will overcome the problem of poor network coverage in certain areas. Our client was also very impressed with Radio Manager, Sepura’s TETRA radio management system, which overcomes the logistical challenge of updating large quantities of radios.”

Kasper Barfoed, Sepura’s Country Manager for Austria and Germany, added: “Kelag is a prestigious brand in Austria and by adding to their current fleet of radios, this sales wins speaks volumes for Sepura’s products.”

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