Sepura’s STProtect helps improve worker safety at International airport

Sepura’s innovative indoor monitoring and location solution has recently been deployed in a new digital communications system at Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport, France. Launched at the TETRA World Congress 2012 in May, STProtect works with the higher-specification models of the Sepura STP8000 and STP9000 series of hand-held radios to provide a complete, built-in communications and location system.

STProtect is targeted at sectors that demand the multiple benefits of a TETRA radio system, but also face the challenge of having to monitor and locate staff indoors. Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport is a prime example of the system’s capability, and highlights the benefits of the technology which ensures workers are protected at all times, regardless of their location.
The combination of the superior sound quality and robustness of Sepura’s STP8000 hand-held radio with the additional security and safety features offered by STProtect was fundamental to Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport’s selection process. Covering an area of 2,000 hectares, the airport handles around 8 million passengers a year, and the solution offers the ability to locate the position of every single STProtect-enabled TETRA radio in use, to improve the management and safety of its resources.

STProtect is a complete solution that comprises STProtect-enabled radios, STProtect Beacons and STProtect Software. In addition to its core function of enabling operatives, particularly lone workers, to be located quickly and easily in an emergency, STProtect also enables organisations to control access to certain areas of sites, monitor the location and movement of all deployed radios, and provide users, such as maintenance engineers and security guards, with set routes and checkpoints.

Guy-Franck Nakach, Senior VP Sales & Marketing, Sepura said, “STProtect is particularly valuable to organisations such as airports, prisons, industrial sites, shopping centres and stadia. As the only dedicated TETRA-based integrated lone worker protection and indoor location system on the market, we see many opportunities for its deployment worldwide.”

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