Sepura’s STP8X helps secure chemical parks contract

Sepura is pleased to announce that it will be supplying a total of over 500 TETRA digital hand-portable radios to Currenta GmbH, a leading operator of specialist chemical business parks in Germany.

The contract, which was secured by Sepura’s long-standing German partner, Selectric Nachrichten-Systeme GmbH, covers around 500 terminals, of which circa 150 will be the ground-breaking STP8X Intrinsically-Safe radio.

Currenta operates specialist chemical industry business parks across Germany and places particular emphasis on both safety and security at its sites. After deciding to adopt TETRA digital radio technology, the company then needed to choose a supplier and, after extensive testing and planning, chose Sepura radios for communications at its Krefeld-Uerdingen, Leverkusen and Dormagen locations. Besides supplying SRG3900 mobile radios and STP8000 hand-portables radios from the Sepura range, the Currenta deal also includes Sepura’s STP8X, which will be utilised by the specialist fire services located on-site.

“TETRA is becoming increasingly attractive to commercial operations that see the security and functionality benefits that this technology brings,” said Kasper Barfoed, Sepura’s Regional Director for Northern Europe.

“Currenta also need, on occasions, to be able to communicate with public safety authorities, so using Sepura TETRA radios also makes this easily achievable. This contract demonstrates not only the breadth of Sepura’s offering, but also the fact that we are able to supply leading-edge solutions in many areas.

“For example, the reduced keypad STP8X, which is a key component of this contract – and the full keypad version, which was launched at PMR-Expo in November 2012 – are the only TETRA hand-portables to be approved to the latest, and highly demanding, version 6 of the IECEx / ATEX standard. The chemical industry is an important component of the German economy and we look forward to working with Selectric to secure more Sepura success in this sector.”

Fire services at Currenta’s specialist chemical industry business parks, Germany, pictured above.

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