Sepura’s sGPS technology receives another industry award

Sepura’s sGPS technology receives another industry award

Sepura and QinetiQ have won another prestigious award for the GPS module they jointly developed. Last week, the UK’s Institution of Electrical Engineers announced their 2005 Innovation in Engineering Awards, choosing Sepura and QinetiQ for the Electronic category.

“The judges were very impressed by the quality of entries in this category, many of which described significant technological innovation. Following due consideration the entry from QinetiQ with Sepura emerged as the clear winner. Developing this enhanced GPS system for emergency workers had been technically challenging, innovative and required to operate within tight constraints, such as battery life. It has involved the design of algorithms, software and hardware in both digital and radio domains at circuit and system level. However, it rose above the other entries when its impact on the organisations and personnel it served was taken into account together with consideration of the collaborative effort taken to design, manufacture and deploy the system.”

Most of the TETRA radios that Sepura now supplies to emergency service organisations world-wide include the award-winning sGPSTM module. This latest official recognition of Sepura’s range of sGPSTM radios has recently been supported by tests carried out by an independent consultancy. These measured how fast and accurately Sepura TETRA radios equipped with sGPSTM established the user’s location. This performance was compared with that of similar radios from two of Sepura’s competitors: the independent tests proved the sGPSTM to be the clear market leader.

Graham Matthews, Managing Director for Sepura commented “Our range of sGPSTM TETRA radios leads the market. This second award recognises the successful partnership between Sepura and QinetiQ. It acknowledges the dedication, commitment and hard work of both teams working on the development of the device. Moreover, it recognises the contribution that TETRA radios equipped with sGPSTM can make and are making towards improving the safety of emergency service workers world-wide”.

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