Cambridge, 7th October 2016 – Sepura has been selected by a large European public safety organisation to provide 19,000 SC20 series hand-portable radios, Wi-Fi enabled and ready to deliver future broadband data services.

The contract builds on Sepura’s well-established strength in public safety – a market in which it has long held a world-leading position – and marks a step forward in TETRA communications for the public safety organisation.

“The SC20 series’ second high-speed data-bearer option places the customer in a unique position,” said Gary Aitkenhead, Sepura’s VP Devices.

“It creates the potential to offer capabilities never before associated with a TETRA device, including over-the-air programming via Wi-Fi, control of a body-worn camera, or tethering to a smartphone or tablet device by Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.”

Submersible, waterproof, salt-resistant and dustproof, the SC20 series also boasts market-leading IP66, IP67 and IP68 environmental protection ratings and an easy-clean design, allowing it to be rinsed in running water.

Unique water-porting technology, combined with 2W audio output, ensures clarity of communications – even in harsh conditions.

“We are delighted that this esteemed organisation has chosen the SC20 series,” continued Aitkenhead.

“The ability to utilise narrowband data applications – along with the extended coverage and exceptional toughness of the SC20 series – will drive efficiency, futureproofing the customer’s investment while helping to meet their evolving communications requirements.”

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