Sepura wins first two major Public Safety contracts in Germany

Sepura wins first two major Public Safety contracts in Germany

27th November 2008 – Sepura has won contracts to supply TETRA radios to the German states of Niedersachsen and Bremen. These were won in partnership with Selectric GmbH, Sepura’s public safety distribution partner in Germany.

Niedersachsen is one of the country’s largest states and Bremen is one of three city states in Germany.

These substantial contracts for over 8,000 radios are for operational use on Germany’s new national public safety digital network, known as BOS-net, which has been developed to equip police, ambulance, fire and security services with a secure and failsafe communications system.

Key factors in these sales wins reflect Sepura’s investment in developing products in conjunction with German public-safety users and its local partner.

Sepura radios are rugged, durable, easy to use and offer outstanding audio clarity and reliable communications. The high quality screen has outstanding definition and keys are large and well spaced to benefit gloved users. The radios are full of intuitive features, to assist the introduction and use of data applications.

Importantly, the market-leading Gateway functionality in its SRG3500 vehicle radios acts as a relay point for hand-held radios, extending the trunked network into areas of limited coverage – the exact scenario expected during the roll out of the BOS-net. This enhanced coverage is achieved through an exceptional 10 watts of transmitting power.

In Germany, all Sepura radios support the BOS-specified enhanced encryption security system, developed by the BSI (Federal ITC safety agency).

Kasper Barfoed, Sepura’s Country Manager for Germany, said: “These contracts are highly significant steps forward in Germany where Sepura, in partnership with our distributor Selectric, has an outstanding opportunity to secure a large market share. This is as a consequence of the functionality and merits that this radio offers to its users.”

“The knowledge, professionalism and expertise of Selectric in the German market have also been crucial in winning these contracts.”

Hendrik Pieper, General Manager of Selectric, said: “These sales wins are really good news. Indeed, we are optimistic that the Sepura range of radios will be well received throughout Germany. It is ideally suited for the country’s public safety users, offering outstanding levels of performance and usability.”

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