Sepura unveils the next generation smart device, the SC2020

Barcelona, 19th May 2015 – Sepura unveils the next generation hand-portable at the Critical Communications World Congress (CCW) in Barcelona. 

The SC2020, the new revolutionary hand-portable by Sepura, is the first product built on the company’s future-proof next generation platform and the latest addition to its established, comprehensive and evolving portfolio.  The SC2020 is the first of its kind, combining TETRA’s mission critical advanced performance with an optional second high speed data bearer: it is the first TETRA hand-portable which can claim to be LTE data ready. It features smarter menus, more intuitive operation and outstanding performance, even in the toughest environments and conditions.

Steve Barber, Head of Product Strategy for Sepura commented: “The timely launch of the SC2020 confirms our vision and plans for the future and demonstrates our ability to adapt to the fast-moving markets in which we operate. We continue to provide our global customer base with products that address their ever evolving communication needs and the operational challenges they face every day. The SC2020 is the undisputable proof that Sepura is going further in critical communications.” 

The SC2020’s high resolution screen, the largest on the market today, is specifically designed to provide a richer user experience.  The larger screen enables easier deployment of existing and future applications via high-speed data; it is also viewable in all light conditions, including direct sunlight. 

The radio’s powerful 2W audio capability, enhanced by unique water-porting technology, allows for uncompromised audio clarity, even in continuous heavy rain.  The SC2020 also boasts an IP67 environmental protection rating which means it is completely dustproof and submersible in water.  Its design enables it to be rinsed, making it ideal for users from emergency services and commercial sectors, often operating in some of the most demanding environments.  A new powerful Class 3 TETRA engine is paired with a new receiver that surpasses the ETSI specification, a unique combination extending operational range and stretching coverage into areas where it was not possible before.  

Mark Barnby, Senior Product Manager for Sepura said: “The SC2020 is designed to meet the toughest communication challenges, now and in the future.  It combines a high-speed data bearer capability with TETRA’s proven mission critical secure voice and data capabilities. Not only it is the most powerful and also the most sensitive TETRA engine we have ever designed, it can also uniquely exploit a high speed data network, such as WiFi or LTE”. Barnby concluded: “The SC2020 is more than a radio. Its powerful combination of impressive functionality and wealth of performance enhancing features, combined with Sepura’s market leading accessories, make it the solid choice today, and also in the future. The SC2020 is the most advanced product Sepura has ever brought to market.“

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