Sepura supplies 10,000 TETRA radios for Pan Am Games and Rio Police

Sepura supplies 10,000 TETRA radios for Pan Am Games and Rio Police

One the largest deployments of TETRA radios in South America took place in July in Brazil when Teltronic and Sepura supplied 15,000 to the Pan American Games in Rio de Janeiro and subsequently these are now being used by the city’s police force.

During the Games, radios coordinated organising officials and emergency services at venues across a 25km radius, including police, fire and ambulance services, and supported the efficient management of administrators, competitors, transport and spectators.

This is one of the biggest sporting event to date to use TETRA radio terminals, and in sheer magnitude, with 5,500 athletes from 42 countries and two million spectators, ranks only behind the Olympics.

More than 600,000 voice calls were carried out during the 14 days of the Games, highlighting one of the most significant deployments of TETRA anywhere in the world during 2007.

This is the first phase of a TETRA rollout across the city, which in time will see the entire Rio Police Force equipped with TETRA radios to combat crime in one of the most demanding policing environments in the world.

This is a further signal that TETRA has become the dominant digital PMR standard for the whole region, as it has become throughout the world. Sepura has already supplied a number of organisations across the region and continues to make Latin America a key focus. This win follows other Sepura successes in Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela and Panama.

The turnkey contract, worth 23 Million Euros, was won by Teltronic Brazil, the prime contractor and system integrator, with a NEBULATETRA Infrastructure with 22 Site Base Stations, a high capacity microwave radio backbone and a Dispatch and GIS Centre.

The system was deployed in a record time of three months to provide secure communications across more than 15,000 TETRA radio terminals in operation during the Games.

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About Sepura:

Sepura is the world’s leading independent TETRA terminal supplier. It designs, develops and supplies digital (TETRA) radios for the public safety market (such as police, fire and ambulance) as well as Military, Transport and Utilities. Sepura headquartered in Cambridge, UK, has an international network of distributors and partners supplying organisations in over 80 countries worldwide.

Sepura offers the most comprehensive and largest international range of TETRA products. Its products are available in the widest range of TETRA frequency bands and operate on all manufacturers’ infrastructures.

Manufactured by Siemens in Austria, Sepura’s product portfolio comprises vehicle-mounted and hand-held radios, the world’s most popular covert radios, 10W mobile gateways and the most advanced programming support tool on the TETRA market today – Radio Manager. Amongst the many options available with these radios are the multi award winning fully-integrated sGPSTMreceiver and the most comprehensive range of air interface and End-to-End encryption algorithms.

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