Sepura strengthens its TETRA systems offering with an instant coverage solution

Barcelona 21st May 2015– Sepura enhances its infrastructure portfolio with the launch of the SOLO Instant Coverage TETRA base station at Critical Communications World (CCW) in Barcelona.

SOLO Instant Coverage has been designed to provide temporary TETRA infrastructure for emergencies and special events with poor or non-existent TETRA network coverage, including remote disaster zones or specific incident locations; it delivers additional outdoor capacity and improves communications among the rescue teams on the scene.  Sepura’s SOLO Instant Coverage base station can also be deployed to provide connectivity for pre-planned events and operations, such as VIP protection, and in particular, to deploy in-building TETRA coverage during major fire incidents.  

SOLO Instant Coverage base station can be remotely activated through a simple control panel which also monitors its performance. This is a fundamental requirement for certain markets where untrained personnel may be required to report faults during daily maintenance checks, but also, and most importantly, may need to activate the SOLO in case of an emergency.

 Ian MacPherson, Product Manager for Sepura comments: “Sepura’s SOLO can provide instant coverage to an entire building and facilitate communications during emergency rescue operations with just one simple button push.  The base station supports three levels of radio terminal access: open, enabling access to any TETRA radio via dynamic registration; filtered, enabling access to radios with specific features, attributes and configurations, and closed – which checks the unique user’s identification number – where radios need to be pre-provisioned before they can register on the network”.

Ian MacPherson continued: “Both the open and the filtered access configuration options are flexible, easily deployable and provide true plug & play TETRA coverage thanks to the dynamic creation of subscribers on the instantly deployed TETRA system”.

Steve Barber, Head of Product Strategy for Sepura says: “With SOLO Instant Coverage Sepura will be able to address the German market’s mandated in-building coverage requirements in selected public establishments, for fire brigades, rescue services and police forces.  At Sepura we pride ourselves on our ability to listen to the market and deliver solutions that meet users’ needs; with SOLO Instant Coverage we have proved it once again.”

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