Sepura secures third contract win in Germany

Sepura secures third contract win in Germany

22nd January 2009 – Sachsen-Anhalt has become the third German state to choose Sepura radios to equip its emergency services, following similar orders from the states of Niedersachsen and Bremen.

Working in collaboration with Selectric, Sepura’s partner in Germany, the radios will be deployed as part of the nationwide roll-out of the BOS network which is currently underway.

The BOS network will provide the latest digital communications technology to all public safety users in Germany, including the enhanced encryption security system developed by the BSI (Federal ITC safety agency) which is supported by Sepura’s radios.

This order for over 17,000 radios includes both hand-held and Gateway vehicle radios. Importantly, these market-leading Gateway vehicle radios act as relay points for the hand-held radios, effectively extending the network’s reach in areas of limited coverage – the exact scenario anticipated during the initial roll out of the BOS network.

Using the same type of radios across all police, rescue, ambulance and fire services in Sachsen-Anhalt will help these public safety user groups to complete a swift and smooth transition to TETRA, streamlining training and maintenance measures, and saving costs and time.

Jrgen HeuYsner, Managing Director of Selectric Telekommunikations-Systeme in Brumby, said: “We will be able to provide a localised service of delivery, maintenance, service and training. Repairs will almost entirely take place in Sachsen-Anhalt and should result in a rapid turnaround to the customers.”

Kasper Barfoed, Sepura’s Country Manager for Germany, added: “This contract is another step forward in our continuing progress in Germany. The range of our products and their functionality are allied to the first-class support provided by our distributor, Selectric.”

“The knowledge, professionalism and expertise of Selectric in the German market have been crucial in winning these contracts.”

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