Sepura, Rohde & Schwarz Professional Mobile Radio and Nielson Communications to play major role in first US TETRA demonstration project.

Sepura, Rohde & Schwarz Professional Mobile Radio and Nielson Communications to play major role in first US TETRA demonstration project

18th January 2011 – Cambridge, UK Sepura, Rohde & Schwarz Professional Mobile Radio and Nielson Communications announce their participation in the very first TETRA demonstration project to take place in the US.A

The project is a pilot for TETRA being carried out under the auspices of the TETRA Association, and will be a close collaboration between Sepura, a global leader in the supply of TETRA radios, Rohde & Schwarz Professional Mobile Radio, a subsidiary of Rohde & Schwarz and leading TETRA infrastructure provider and Nielson Communications, an American mobile communication specialist organization. It will demonstrate the extensive features and functionality of TETRA technology, and will also showcase vendor interoperability and the power of TETRA-enabled applications., The TETRA demonstration will be open and accessible to potential PMR (Professional Mobile Radio) users in the US.

The TETRA system will comprise three IP connected base stations and more than thirty Sepura TETRA radios, and will go live in Green Bay, Wisconsin on 19th January 2011. Prospective customers will be able to attend seminars on the technology and its benefits throughout the six months of the demonstration.

TETRA is the most successful digital trunked radio standard in the world. Phil Kidner, CEO for the TETRA Association, said: “We are delighted that this TETRA trial in the US will enable potential users to experience and evaluate the technology. As the worldwide industry representative for TETRA, we are committed to bringing the benefits of TETRA communications to the widest possible user base.”

Rick Nielson, President of Nielson Communications, said: TETRA is a proven, open standard, quality driven, advanced digital radio technology which exceeds the US narrow banding requirements (6.25 kHz equivalent) and embodies the FCC™s goals for increased spectrum efficiency. Since the first generation of TETRA networks were deployed in 1997, hundreds of TETRA networks have been implemented across the world supporting hundreds of thousands of TETRA radios. TETRA has proven to meet and exceed customer needs world-wide in a broad variety of sectors, from public safety to transport, utilities and military. To date TETRA has been adopted by 114 countries around the world. We are excited to be able to show TETRA™s capabilities to our local, regional and national clients.

Steve Nielson, VP of Nielson Communications added: oeTETRA will have a significant impact on the PMR industry in the US by providing a digital solution to the thousands of current analog radio users, offering features and applications not currently available in the US at cost effective pricing. It is because of the open standard developed by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) that innovation has been able to flourish between TETRA manufacturers throughout the world, while at the same time driving down user costs. We are extremely excited to be part of this project and to be able to work with the TETRA industry leaders Rohde & Schwarz and Sepura.

Dr. Georg Haubs, Managing Director for Rohde & Schwarz Professional Mobile Radio, added: We are extremely pleased about the opportunity to support this TETRA demonstration initiative and to introduce our TETRA infrastructure products live to US users. Mobile communications systems have to be designed around customers™ needs. Our TETRA products feature superior flexibility allowing easy adaptation to these needs., From our North American Rohde & Schwarz offices we are ready to welcome all interested PMR users in the USA.

Jens Thostrup, SVP of Sales and Marketing for Sepura, said: We are proud and privileged to be involved in this high profile project and look forward to demonstrating to the US market the multiple advantages of TETRA and the benefits of our radio products. With the support of our valued US partner White Hawk Associates we will host an official launch event where, jointly with representatives from the participants in the demonstration project and the TETRA Association, we will welcome targeted organizations and the media.

To obtain more information on the TETRA demonstration project or to schedule a private demonstration and system evaluation please contact Steve Nielson at Nielson Communications, Inc. 1-800-783-2293 or

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