Sepura reveals new IP67 remote speaker microphone in Cologne

Sepura will be showcasing its IP67 sRSM, an all-weather remote speaker microphone, at PMR Expo in Cologne, Germany.

Small and lightweight, the sRSM boasts IP67 environmental protection, outstanding audio quality and water-porting technology – ensuring loud, clear audio, even in continuous, heavy rain. Compatible with Sepura’s STP and SC20 series radios, its ergonomic design makes it easy to use, even with gloved hands or in poor light.

Developed with the public safety market in mind, the state of Saxony has already awarded a frame agreement for 16,000 sRSMs to Sepura’s German partner, Selectric, for use by fire brigades throughout the region.

John Drewnicki, Product Manager for Sepura, commented: “The sRSM is a high-quality radio accessory, boasting many enhanced performance features without neglecting the fundamentals of easy handling and audio quality. Developed by Sepura, its superlative sound transmission and exceptional wet weather performance makes it ideal for use by a variety of sectors, including fire brigades, police forces and mining organisations.”

Hooman Safaie, Regional Director for DACH (Germany, Austria and Switzerland), said: “Following its order for 750 ATEX terminals and associated accessories, the state of Saxony has once again placed its trust in Sepura’s products. This affirms our success in the delivery of innovative products and highly specialised solutions that tackle the day-to-day requirements of critical communications operatives around the world.”


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