Sepura reaps success in Denmark

Sepura announces two major contract wins in Denmark: Billund Airport and Snderborg Fire and Rescue. Sepura celebrates these recent achievements with Radiocom Denmark A/S, its Danish distribution partner.

Billund Airport selected Sepura TETRA terminals following the recent deployment of a new digital communication system which replaced a legacy analogue system.

The new TETRA network ensures Billund Airport meets one of its fundamental requirements: the ability to locate every single terminal operating on the network in real time. The new system will also be used for voice communication.

Billund Airport’s technical staff selected Sepura STP hand-portable and SRG mobile gateway radios following exhaustive evaluation and comparison of TETRA radio products from selected manufacturers. Billund Airport chose Sepura terminals because of their superior sound quality – particularly useful in airports’ noisy environments – their robustness and their very flexible programming options.

Billund has adopted a special functionality, developed by Sepura, which provides a bespoke communications solution for airport users. Sepura radios also offer a number of security and safety features including GPS positioning and single-press emergency broadcast. The radios will be deployed to a variety of airport personnel teams operating on site including baggage handling, security, fire & rescue and engineering services. Identifying the location of every single TETRA radio in use will also improve management and safety of resources as it will enable to pinpoint the position of all airport vehicles – where the mobile radios are installed – and personnel carrying the hand-portables; their positions will be visualised on a screen in the control room located in the air traffic control tower.
Billund Airport is the newest and second largest airport in Denmark and serves as one of the country’s busiest air cargo centres, as well as a charter airline destination.

Snderborg fire and rescue, in line with all public safety organisations in Denmark, recently joined SINE, the Danish nationwide TETRA network. Sepura TETRA radios were approved for use on the SINE network following successful tests carried out by the Danish authorities in 2009.

Snderborg fire and rescue carried out their own TETRA radio performance tests by submitting specific terminals from selected manufacturers to the very extreme conditions of a real house fire. Sepura radios outshone all the other radios as they performed outstandingly in every single test. Sepura radios’ water and heat-resistance was remarkably superior to that of the competing manufacturers’ radios as proven by the fact that some of these radios melted in the extremely high temperatures generated by the house fire.

Snderborg fire and rescue is one of the largest emergency response services in Denmark with 24 fire stations and 650 officers.

Lars-Magnus Gustafsson International Business Development Manager for Sepura concluded: “These significant successes in Denmark are undeniable proof of the strength of our relationship with Radiocom and confirm the versatility of our products as they meet the requirements of radios users from a wide range of sectors”.

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