Sepura reaches half-million landmark

Sepura reaches half-million landmark

Sepura’s 500,000th TETRA digital radio has rolled off the production line at the factory of its manufacturer, Siemens AG in Austria.

Commencing manufacturing in 2002, Siemens has produced the second and third generation hand-held and surveillance products, as well as vehicle radios. Earlier this year Siemens started production of the ground-breaking STP8000, Sepura’s new hand-held radio, which sits alongside our other high-selling TETRA Hand-held radios, the SRH3500 and SRH3800.

The Sepura range of products is now in use in approaching 100 countries. The company is market leader in over 25 countries, the second largest TETRA terminal supplier worldwide and leader in the Public Safety market.

Gordon Watling, Sepura’s Chief Executive Officer, said: “This is a landmark achievement, which has been accomplished through first-class product development, sales and customer support – and high quality manufacture by Siemens.”

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