Sepura radios enable connectivity between national TETRA networks

Sepura radios enable connectivity between national TETRA networks

Sepura radios form part of a communication system which enables connectivity between Sweden and Denmark’s national TETRA public safety communication networks, Rakel and Sine respectively.

Sepura’s channel partners Swedish Radio Supply (SRS) and Radiocom Denmark developed this special solution in order to facilitate communication between the two networks during the International Climate Conference, currently taking place in Copenhagen until the 18th December.

The solution was developed to harmonise communication between the Rakel and Sine networks on the -resund Bridge, a 16.4km structure which links Denmark and Sweden. Co-operation between emergency service organisations in the two countries is of vital importance in the -resund Region, not only during this high-profile global event, but also in the future due to the high volume of cross-border traffic using the bridge.

The new system consists of Sepura’s SRG Gateway radios combined with special cross communication software and hardware. It is capable of handling talk-groups in both the Sine and Rakel networks and, by bridging these digitally, enables public safety users in Denmark and Sweden to communicate seamlessly with each other. This system also makes it possible to control and monitor network status, speech latency and error signals in both networks

Lars-Magnus Gustafsson, Senior Business Development for Sepura said: “This sophisticated solution was developed by two VHF group companies using Sepura equipment and is also the outcome of excellent cooperation between MSB and SINE, the network operators of Sweden and Denmark respectively”. Gustafsson concluded: “This unique project has leveraged the complementary skills of all the organisations involved and confirms the remarkable versatility of our SRG radio”.

For further information about this project, please contact:
Mikael Hansen, email:, tel: +45 43744460 at Radiocom Denmark
Uno Zell, email:, tel: +46 730246500 at SRS Sweden

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