Sepura push onwards in Bavaria

Sepura push onwards in Bavaria

Sepura and its German partner Selectric GmbH have secured the second and final tender for TETRA radios for the Bavarian Police.

The award is for the delivery of more than 17,000 Sepura TETRA radios and, following the first order in 2009, will bring the total number of terminals supplied to the Bavarian Police to 25,000. Thanks to this win, Sepura TETRA radios and accessories will be adopted by the whole Police Force in the German Federal State of Bavaria. This contract comprises 8,000 STP hand-portable and more than 9,000 SRG mobile radios.

To date Sepura and Selectric’s partnership has secured BOS-net contracts in 10* of the 16 Federal States, confirming an impressive and undisputed market leadership in Germany.

This repeat success for Sepura in Bavaria is testament to the strong relationship and partnership between Sepura, Selectric and the Bavarian Police. The Police in Bavaria played a pioneering role by becoming one of the very first police forces in Germany to adopt TETRA. The open cooperation between the three parties ensured that initial technical challenges were quickly addressed and solved.

Commenting on the contract win, Kasper Barfoed, the Munich-based Regional Sales Director for Sepura said; “We have won the second tranche of the Bavarian contract against stiff competition. We worked hard with both the end-customer and Selectric to ensure complete satisfaction with the roll-out of the first contract. Not only does this secure our success in Bavaria, but it also further strengthens our market-leading position in Germany as a whole”.

Ralf Molocher, Police Director in the State of Bavaria and responsible for the implementation of TETRA for police users in Munich commented: “We have been really pleased with the degree of co-operation and assistance from Selectric and Sepura. The technical solution has been first-class and we are looking forward to extending this to the rest of the State”.

Chief Inspector Walter Degenhart added: “The support we are receiving from Selectric and Sepura is unique, and recently they have played a key role in getting the TETRA radios in our new police helicopters up and running; we look forward to continuing this cooperation.”

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