Sepura partners with German car manufacturer

Sepura partners with German car manufacturer

26th May 2009

A ground-breaking deal has been struck with the BMW Special Vehicle Group, based in Munich, Germany, to integrate Sepura’s mobile radio’s display directly with the Blue Light display of BMW Group’s own iDrive system. The agreement was achieved with the support of Sepura’s valued partner in Germany, Selectric GmbH.

Combining the iDrive and SRG3900 technologies means that police officers will have all information relayed through just one central screen within the vehicle, while the provision of Sepura’s new Handset Based Console (HBC) will allow either passenger or driver to make changes to the radio via Sepura’s hand-portable car kit. Initially, some 400 BMW leasehold cars are expected to be equipped with the hybrid SRG/iDrive system.

The deal comes hot on the heels of Sepura’s recent agreement with the Federal State of Bavaria to supply over 7,800 radios to the police and fire brigades operating in the municipality of Munich.

A spokesperson fro BMW remarked “Our special vehicle product experts were extremely impressed with the functionality and convenience of Sepura’s HBC. All that remained then was to determine the level of integration with Sepura’s products which we would build into the iDrive.”

Mark Barnby, Product Manager for Sepura commented “A key aspect of integrating Sepura and BMW’s technologies is the ease of use of the final product. The outcome of our collaboration with the BMW Group underlines our commitment to delivering user-friendly products which enable users to be more efficient and effective. We believe that the operation of our radios should be intuitive for all our customers”.

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