Sepura Launches STP8000 Hand-Portable


High performance digital radio breaks new ground in TETRA

Sepura announces the launch of its STP8000 series of hand-portables, adding to its existing product portfolio, and extending its position as the leading supplier of TETRA digital radios.

The STP8000 breaks new ground in TETRA. It has been designed to function in the most physically challenging environments where public safety, military, transport, and utility workers demand ruggedness and durability.

Enhanced power, loud audio and a magnesium alloy chassis are combined with unparalleled water and dust resistance to deliver outstanding performance to every user.

Graham Matthews, Chief Executive Officer at Sepura, said: “The STP8000 raises the bar on both performance and usability of TETRA portable radios. We listened to the needs of our customers and have delivered a product that more fully meets public safety users’ requirements than any radio that has gone before it.”

“The STP8000 adds to our existing powerful product range, extending our portfolio of products and providing TETRA users with a truly unrivalled choice amongst the three suppliers in the market,” he added.

The STP8000 combines the largest screen on the market today with a very high resolution colour display. Its sharpness and size make its user interface best in class. The STP8000’s screen makes it ideal for displaying images as well as accessing a range of market-leading applications.

This new Sepura TETRA radio has many exciting options and accessories that can be utilised, now and in the future. All of these are designed to improve efficiency, usability and personal safety while reducing operational costs for its users.

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