Sepura launches Sepura Integrated Communication Solution

Cambridge, 13th November 2013 – Sepura is delighted to announce the launch of Sepura Integrated Communication Solution (SICS), which integrates 3T and Portalify’s software products with Sepura’s existing applications and services. Improving productivity is a critical driver for many organisations upgrading communications equipment, and software tools and applications that deliver customer efficiency must be an integral part of a comprehensive solution. SICS enables customers to deploy and manage their resources more effectively, and increase the safety, productivity and efficiency of their employees, by selecting the specific tools they need from the following six product families:

·                Resource Management
·                Dispatch
·                Productivity
·                Security
·                Applications, Operations & Maintenance Centre (OMC)
·                Radio Applications

Jonathan Hamill, Head of Marketing for Sepura, commented on this launch: “SICS is a milestone for Sepura as it consolidates our applications portfolio, allowing us to offer a truly integrated, complete and sophisticated communication solutions to our target market.  Software tools and applications have become increasingly important to our customers as they seek to enhance user safety and drive operational efficiency from their investment in digital communications.  SICS is testament to Sepura’s mission to adapt to the ever changing and evolving requirements of our customers in the critical communications arena”.

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