Sepura launches revolutionary all-weather controller speaker microphone – ULTRA CSM

Cambridge, 08 October 2014 – Sepura announces today the launch of the ground-breaking controller speaker microphone, the latest IP67 rated TETRA accessory to join Sepura’s comprehensive portfolio of digital radio products.  

The ULTRA CSM – a Controller Speaker Microphone – offers unique all-weather performance and outstanding audio quality to users operating in the harshest and most challenging conditions. Its ergonomic design makes it easy to use, even with gloved hands or in poor light, and it is fully compatible with Sepura’s complete STP8000 and STP9000 series radios. 

This exceptional accessory has been developed with the exacting needs of users working in the most demanding environments – such as fire fighters and miners. It can operate at very high temperatures and features a casing made of extremely durable self-extinguishing material.  The importance of the product’s ease of use and manageability influenced the decision to place specific controls and key radio functions on the speaker microphone itself – delivering vital time-saving advantages specifically in emergency and hazardous situations. The availability of extra secondary control increases flexibility and user options, without impairing clarity. 

John Drewnicki, Product Manager for Sepura commented: “We are extremely proud of our latest world-class radio accessory. It has many advanced features without neglecting the fundamentals of easy handling and great audio quality. The product was developed entirely in-house by Sepura and implements rich innovation, especially in terms of sound transmission and wet weather performance. The ULTRA CSM is a truly unique and unrivalled product on the market today”.  

John Drewnicki continued: “The particular naming of the product is also very significant:  it is a controller speaker microphone because it has been enriched with features that allow users to control the radio in ways that have never been achieved before”. 

Steve Barber, Head of Product Strategy for Sepura concluded “With the launch of the ULTRA CSM Sepura confirms once again its continuous commitment to deliver innovative products together with complete and highly specialised solutions that meet the real life requirements of critical communications operatives around the world”. 

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