Sepura launches new TETRA dispatcher and DTT Desktop TETRA Terminal

Cologne, 26 November 2013 – Sepura is delighted to announce the launch of two new additions to its portfolio of TETRA products at PMRExpo in Germany: the SICS Net TETRA dispatcher and the SICS DTT Desktop TETRA Terminal. 

SICS Net is a dedicated TETRA dispatcher which provides user organisations with the ability to track, visualise, communicate with and dispatch employees to specific jobs and tasks via GPS and Sepura’s STProtect, through the integration of customers’ in-building floor plans/maps.  SICS Net offers ease of installation and integration together with an intuitive menu and touch screen structure. Thanks to its Application Programming Interface (API), the dispatcher can easily interface with third party applications and devices, with the further benefit of additional customised functionalities for specialist industries such as oil and gas, public transportation, utilities and more.  As an example, public transportation organisations can use dynamic call destination routing based on location, to enable drivers to make a call to a control centre and be routed to the closest station automatically. 

SICS Net also has the capability to improve resource management and enhance personnel safety thanks to advanced functionalities such as Man-Down, integrated map-based vehicle and personnel location tracking and ambient listening.  The SICS Net’s multi-language support makes it deployable in a variety of markets around the world. In addition, the flexibility in deployment options on multiple device types, such as tablet PCs, provides a transportable dispatcher capability for in-vehicle deployment and in-field personnel, making it a very versatile product. 

SICS DTT provides a computer-based TETRA terminal experience with the added options of a touch screen, headsets and a desk microphone.  DTT enables faster and smoother interaction from a fixed point for organisations handling a variety of networks and also supports simultaneous voice communication with TETRA and other VoIP networks. SICS DTT also allows LAN and WiFi connectivity. 

Ian MacPherson, Product Manager for Sepura said: “SICS Net is a valuable addition to our family of TETRA products, providing a critical link between control rooms and their resources. It’s a single user interface which combines TETRA dispatcher capability with Sepura’s tracking and localisation system.  Its intuitive ease of use will significantly enhance the productivity of control room staff, while giving them greater flexibility and control over their resources”. 

Peter Hudson, Senior Product Manager for Sepura concluded: “These new products take us another step forward in achieving our objective to become a one stop shop critical communications company for those sectors seeking to enhance user safety and drive operational efficiency from their investment in digital communications.”

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