Sepura launches network of repair centres

Sepura launches network of repair centres

Sepura has launched a network of Repairs Service Centres, to further improve its service to customers.

These centres are being set up by its distributors in Sweden, Germany, Korea, Argentina, China, Malaysia, Pakistan and Spain with further countries to follow.

In setting up these centres, Sepura is providing the necessary expertise to assist its distributors through training and business management advice.

Furthermore, a new help desk service centre has been opened at Sepura’s headquarters at Cambridge in the UK.

First and foremost, the centres will reduce the waiting time for repairs and reduce the time and cost of carriage. They will also provide the convenience of local support in the local language – and will give customers a better service and more customer satisfaction.

Sepura has also stepped up its training for distributors, both at its headquarters and in the local countries, so that end-users receive maximum support.

Graham Matthews, Chief Executive Office at Sepura, said: “Customer support is a priority. As well as understanding our customers and providing the necessary solutions in producing cutting edge products, it is vital they receive all the support possible to ensure total customer satisfaction. The Service Repair Centres go a long way to achieve that goal.”

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