Sepura is first in Swedish fire trials

Sepura is first in Swedish fire trials

Sepura has triumphed in the fire tests conducted on RAKEL, the Swedish public safety network. RAKEL’s operator MSB – the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, responsible for managing the trials, has published the tests’ results in an official report.

In December last year MSB undertook real-life fire & rescue scenario tests on Sepura’s STP8000 hand-held radio, alongside terminals from two other TETRA radio manufacturers.

The trials were conducted in extreme conditions and also aimed at comparing the performance of the TETRA hand-held radios with the Swedish Fire Brigades’ existing analogue equipment.

A total of 18 tests were carried out in an extremely hot and noisy environment where temperatures ranged from 26 to 149 degrees C. All radios were tested in Direct and Trunked Mode as well as with and without their specific fire accessories.

Sepura swept the board, winning every single test! The average score over all 18 tests was in the range of 40% higher than that of the other two TETRA manufacturers.

Kenneth Hubner, Regional Sales Director for Sepura commented: “The results of these trials complement Sepura’s recent Danish real-life fire test results and the prestigious contract win with Essen Fire Brigade. These remarkable achievements demonstrate that Sepura radios are the best choice for all organisations that put safety first and are seeking communications equipment that will enable them to achieve this fundamental objective.”

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